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CJ Socket


Joey's story
above-knee amputee

Meet Joey Z, the amputee. Take two minutes to hear his inspirational story.

Isabella's Story

For many years, I just couldn’t stand wearing my prosthetic limb, it was painful and uncomfortable.

I'm a diabetic, and I put on weight during my typical day. As my weight changes, I adjust my ActivFIT CJ Socket accordingly.

ActivFIT has given me back control over my life, that’s a result.


I find that I don't have to think about being an amputee, I can just go out, and do what everybody else does.


Welcome to the world’s next generation

prosthetic socket.


Tyrone's Story

When I first put it on my ActivFIT CJ socket,
I put it through its paces with my prosthetic limb.

It opened up places I couldn’t go before.

ActivFIT says it right there, I can adjust it to how

I want it at all times. When I’m sitting, how I’m sitting,

I fine-tune it. Like this, quick, easy, done.

In 10 years, I’ve never had this kinda control over

my prosthetic limb. Looking back on it, prosthetic limbs controlled me. Now it’s the other way around.

Welcome to the world’s next generation

prosthetic socket.

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